So, I have finally hopped onto the blogging bandwagon.

I’ve been encouraged from a fellow friend, WordPress blogger, and Edith Wharton aficionado to create a blog dedicated to this most curious, ingenious woman of letters, whose fiction, mostly novels and novellas, and a largely under-appreciated and abundant collection of short stories, even ghost stories, have populated classroom syllabi and personal reading lists alike, for all lovers of classic fiction.

This past March, Mary and I co-hosted a lecture that addressed what makes Wharton “tic,” and her resonating, piercing observations of the (mostly) destructive influences of society on both public and private lives. Even though the superficiality of the New York social circles of her time has largely “disappeared,” one living in today’s society may be surprised with how relevant these Wharton-esque nuances are to our contemporary, celebrity-obsessed, materialistic, and digital postmodern world.

The point of this blog will be to “resurrect” Wharton’s ideas and scathing insight and commentary, however forgotten they may be, on themes such as isolation, urban life, fate vs. free will, and repressed passion. It will also be a great way to express my own thoughts in writing, and to vent all of my random musings, to anyone who cares to follow.

Happy reading!

Oh, and “Red Pickle Dish”? Kudos to you if you know where that’s from …

(Hint: It is part of the climax scene that “shatters” one of Wharton’s most well-known love triangles).